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Carrot Fly Fence Netting 1m High

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Have you noticed that your carrots are rotting but can’t explain why? It may be the work of carrot flies. The carrot fly can ruin a carrot yield, making large amounts of your carrot produce completely inedible.

It can be hard to stop carrot flies, but you can create a barrier against carrot root fly with Gardening Naturally’s 1m high and wide carrot netting.

Stopping carrot fly from rotting your carrots ensures you get to enjoy all the hard work you put in to growing them.

What are carrot flies?

The Carrot Fly is a small black fly whose larvae feed on carrot roots, and similar plants such as parsnips or turnips. This can be a major problem for carrot yields in the mid to late spring and late summer, as this is the carrot fly season in the UK.

How does carrot fly netting work?

Gardening Naturally’s carrot fly netting has even smaller holes (0.27mm x 0.88mm) than the ultra-fine Veggiemesh netting.

Carrot fly netting helps to suppress and contain the aroma which attracts the carrot fly protecting your carrots.

The Carrot fly is incapable of flying high enough to get over a 1-metre barrier so you will significantly reduce the effects of the carrot fly.

How to use carrot fly netting?

Use with 16mm or 19mm aluminium poles and clips or bamboo canes. Our 13mm clips are suitable for bamboo canes.

If you would like to cover your carrots completely buy Veggiemesh

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