What Is The Bokashi Bin?

What Is The Bokashi Bin?

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a new and alternative way to enhance your composting requirements. From Japanese, Bokashi can be translated to ‘well fermented organic matter’. It is seen as a useful alternative to the traditional composting method and is easy to develop yourself. Bokashi is an excellent soil improver and it will create a healthy environment for all its inhabitants. When combined with Bokashi, soil becomes healthier and crumblier, making it much easier for plants to take the root better.

There is a gradual build-up of humus in the soil due to Bokashi; making the soil retain more moisture and be more resistant to diseases. This compost contains a higher nutritional value than alternative non-fermented organic compounds. Also, and perhaps beneficially, Bokashi ensures that there is much less carbon sequestration contained in the soil, resulting a significantly lower CO2 emissions in the preparation process. It is viewed as a more environmentally friendly way of fulfilling your composting needs.

How can I make Bokashi?

The simplest way to make Bokashi is with the Bokashi Bin. You will be able to transform all your food waste into nutrient rich compost by using the Bokashi Bin, which can be safely placed in your kitchen. The airtight compactness of the bin leads an odour-free way of developing compost from within your own kitchen. Unwanted food in the bin is combined with Bokashi Bran which speeds up the process of making Bokashi in your compost bin.
With the Bokashi Bin set, there are taps, lips, handles, inner drain trays, a trowel, a scoop and the Bokashi Bran.

To make Bokashi simply: 

1. Place all your unwanted food into the Bokashi Bin
2. Between each layer of food you put in the bin, place Bokashi Bran on top of the previous layer.
3. Pat the material down using to trowel so all the excess air is removed.
4. The less air the better, so always try and keep the lid shut.
5. Using the tap at the base of the bin, drain any excess liquid produced as often as possible. This will speed up the decomposing process.

Once your bin is full, it will only take 2 weeks for the completion of the fermentation process. After two weeks, you can place your food waste into a trench in your garden soil – then see the benefits of Bokashi!

What are the main benefits of Bokashi and the bin system?

• Quick and easy to make and use.
• Small, compact and odour free, making it ideal for any kitchen space.
• Directs food way from landfill and straight into your garden
• Creates nutrient rich soil while reducing CO2 emissions.
• Decontaminates soil from damaging pollutants and pathogens.
• Contributes to excellent growth in your garden.
• Low process temperature – room temperature.
• Disease supressing and sanitizing by strong antioxidants.

What can be used and can’t be used in the Bokashi Bin?

Food scraps and leftovers such as fruit & vegetables, dairy products, meat & bones and fish.
Prepared foods such as pizza, burgers, snacks, baked food and cakes.
Other organic material such as spent flowers or coffee grounds.

Bottles and Cans that are plastic, glass or aluminium.
Packaging such as metal or plastics.
Other items like tobacco ash, tea bags or pet waste.

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