What And How Can I Grow Indoors?

What And How Can I Grow Indoors?

What And How Can I Grow Indoors?

We might be spending more time indoors over the coming months as we usually would… If you would still like to get your gardening fix, but do not want to spend too much time out in the cold and rainy weather, there are various ways in which you can grow plants, fruit and vegetables indoors. Indoor gardening is valuable because you are able to control all aspects of the plant’s growth and environment. You can look after its watering, light and soil quality.


Firstly, you need to find the right amount of space to grow. This can be as small a space as a windowsill but can also be on larger surface areas such as tables. The most fundamental factor that is needed for growing indoors is light. Plants need light to survive, otherwise they will simply shrivel and die. In the winter months, plants may need more than just the outdoor light to survive, as is it too dark for a majority of the 24-hour day. It might be prudent to use an artificial light that will help the growth and development of your plants, fruit or vegetables. It is also vital to ensure that your plants are kept in the correct temperature indoors, if they are either too cold or too warm, they will not fulfil their growing potential. Anywhere around 25°C (give or take 5°C) is needed for the plants to grow successfully.


If you obtain the correct conditions, you will successfully be able to grow fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs indoors. A popular fruit to grow indoors are strawberries. Strawberries need six hours of light per day; if they receive this then you can expect the luscious fruit all year around. They are perfect to grow indoors as they have a very shallow root system meaning that they can be planted in virtually anything if there is the correct combination of soil, water and light.


A popular vegetable to grow indoors is chard. Coming with its delicate flavour and colour, it will make salads more appetising and flavoursome. They can be ready to eat after 16-21 days of growth and grown all year round, making them a sustainable source of healthy eating. As an added benefit, chard is full of nutrition, packed with disease fighting antioxidants and loaded with fibre!


It is also possible to grow plants indoors, such as roses. The conditions need to be very similar to that of the strawberries however, six hours of light with the correct watering and room temperature. In essence, if you are able to perfect the combination of light, watering and temperature, there is an endless list of possibilities that you can grow in your garden.

Cacti and Bonsai Trees

Gardening Naturally also provides a variety of products that you can grow indoors. Firstly, you can grow your own Mexican giant cactus, the most iconic variety in the world! Once you have filled the planter up, locate a warm place and cover the pot with a plastic bag to create a humid environment. Once you can see signs of growth remove the plastic bag and relocate to a warm windowsill and spray with water lightly as an when required. Following the same principle, the bonsai grow kit is an ideal kit to start growing indoors. It is easy to grow and nurture and will create a lovely and distinctive finish to any indoor area.

Microgrow light

The perfect tool to assist you growing indoors is the micro grow light garden. This will enable you to boost out the growth of your plants all year round by replicating natural sunlight which your plants require. The grow garden comes with 4 reusable growing trays, making it quick and easy for succession planting. There is a large variety of seeds that you can grow in the garden, such as basil, beetroot and chard, all of which are perfect for a healthy mealtime!

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