What Is Good To Go In Your Hanging Baskets?

What Is Good To Go In Your Hanging Baskets?

What Is Good To Go In Hanging Baskets?

Hanging baskets are a lovely way to add style and colour to any outdoor area. Coming it a variety of shapes and sizes, there can be a big dilemma about what is suitable to put in your hanging basket, as well as how to hang them on the wall. The best time to start planting your hanging baskets is at the start of Spring, when the frost has faded and the sun is starting to visit us again, so it is helpful to prepare and plan for how you are going to utilise your hanging basket.

There are a variety of ways in which you can hang your hanging basket on the wall, mainly through hooks that you place on your wall. In terms of style, it is entirely up to you which hook you may think looks best. It is the important to decide what hanging basket you believe will be suitable for you. Some baskets, such as the rattan hanging basket, come fully lined and are ready to fill. Other baskets such as the saxon hanging basket will need a coco liner before you start planting. A coco liner is a useful way of giving a hanging basket a more natural and distinctive look. There are natural fibres in the liner and this enables an improved air circulation and improved drainage for the basket. This culminates in a healthier growth for your plants, highlighting the importance of liners. Along with the liner, it may also be useful to place Sphagnum Moss inside your basket. This is a handy natural product for retaining soil moisture for your plants. It is highly water and rot resistant, making it perfect for your hanging basket.

Now you have the hook to place onto the wall, your type of hanging basket and how to line your basket. You can now decide what plants you think would look best in your hanging basket. If you are watering your plants regularly, you will be able to have around one plant per inch, giving a option for healthy but compact growth.

A popular plant to grow in hanging baskets are Petunias. These are available in a wide variety of colours and will be sure to add colour and vibrancy to your garden. All petunias grow and develop differently, so with each set you will be able to grow your own garden paradise. Another commonly used plant to grow is Calibrachoa. They are long lasting but subtle flowers that can grow in a variety of conditions, whether it is shady or sunny. Their ‘trumpet’ appearance makes them eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing and you can select from a wide range of colours, whatever you think best suits your garden. The Calibrachoa is especially useful as they are ideal for planting at the edge of your hanging basket, making them flow over the side and hang elegantly while they watch over your garden. Similarly, this is the case with Verbena. These plants will offer colourful displays to your garden whilst being very easy to grow. Their compact growing habit will leave them flowing over the edge of your hanging basket.

It is also possible to grow fruit and vegetables in your hanging basket. Tomatoes are considered a popular option to grow in hanging baskets, depending on what variety of tomatoes you may like, these edible treats will add a unique aspect to your garden. Choose the type of tomato you would like, feed regularly and watch them grow! They are perfect to impress your friends and family with your home grown produce. You are also able to do this with Strawberries. Grow in your hanging basket while feeding them regularly and watch them blossom into the vibrant red fruit we all love. Served perfectly with cream or sugar!

Maintain the growth of your plants, fruit or vegetables by trying to find the perfect balance of sun, shade and watering your basket. In Spring, you will only need to water your hanging baskets every 2-3 days. As the temperature becomes warmer and the sun shines for longer, it might be prudent to water your basket every single day. Happy growing!

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