GroZones and Growing From Seed

GroZones and Growing From Seed

GroZones and Growing From Seed

What are GroZones?

GroZones are a new and exciting alternative to assist you with your growing needs in your garden. They are very easy to assemble and even easier to take down, meaning you can be flexible about when you use your GroZone if you would like it up or down, regardless of the season. You will not require any unique or expensive tools or equipment when putting it up or down. There are a variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from, all of which can be suited to you depending on what you would like to grow and maintain. For example, the tomato GroZone is the ideal structure for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines. Some of the larger Grozone items, such as the GroZone Pro Tunnel, is large enough to offer an excellent alternative to a permanent greenhouse structure. They offer an ideal space as well as a climate to germinate seeds, propagate plants, protect your crops as well as extend the growing season.

Growing From Seed

Growing plants or vegetables from seed is a brilliant way to start your gardening in the earlier months of the growing season, all of which can be stored in one of the GroZones. Germinating seeds is simple and easy and can be done by any gardener, no matter the experience. Some crops that you may like to grow, such as tomatoes, are especially easy to grow indoors or in similar indoor conditions. It is important that you get the timing right with seeding, as it can influence how well you crop will grow over the future months. Depending on what you would like to grow, some seeds are better started indoors, some outdoors. It is important to double check before you begin.

Fresh soil is an important way of ensuring that you seedlings are healthy and disease free. If you do not use fresh soil, it is possible that you will not get the growth that you are expecting. Find the correct depth to plant your seeds and your seedlings will be ready to grow. Some seeds can be placed on the surface of the soil and some will have to be buried underneath. It is important to water and feed your seedlings regularly to ensure and a successful and healthy growth, as well as enabling them to have the correct amount of light. The GroZones will enable you to create the correct climate for growing your seedlings, as well as making it easy to monitor the amount of water your plants get.

What Can I Grow?

It is possible to grow almost anything in your GroZone. There are some healthy and nutritious vegetables that you can grow, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and kale. Growing vegetables from seed, such as tomatoes, has the same process as other plants. Use the correct soil, sprinkle your seeds correctly, water and feeds, then watch your tomatoes grow! An easy plant to grow from seed are sunflowers. Some varieties of sunflowers can reach up to 14 feet and love sheltered and healthy soil. Creating a shelter for your soil is a key feature of the GroZone. It is also possible to grow a variety of different fruits from their seeds. It is possible to grow beautiful peach, cherry and apple trees, all of which will make a lovely addition to your garden whatever the month.

Best Tools For Growing

Various tools will make growing from seed easier. Ideally, you would like as easy a growing process as possible and having the correct tools for it will only improve the process. A useful tool to have are pruners. They are perfect for cutting any unwanted branches away or help the direction of growth for whatever you would like to grow. Another ‘handy’ tool is a hand trowel. This makes it extremely easy to reach into the tighter spaces, dig small holes and help transplant seedlings. It is also important to ensure that you have the right pair of gloves. A comfortable pair of gloves will protect your skin from the dangers of gardening, such as from weeds, splinters or sharp edge on your tools.

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