We Have Been Busy Working With Local Communities Around The Country!

We Have Been Busy Working With Local Communities Around The Country!

Gardening Naturally is committed to reaching out and working with local communities. Wherever they may be in UK, supporting and helping local causes is extremely important. We have helped to contribute to two local community programs recently; one being a local leukaemia charity in Cheltenham called LINC, with the other being the Trafford Veterans based in Greater Manchester.

LINC was set up to help a young mum who was refusing treatment for her leukaemia as she was worried about the cost of childcare whilst she was in hospital. LINC took care of these costs and years later, that baby ran the London Marathon supported by her mother.

Since then, LINC has grown considerably and now helps a huge variety of patients when they need it the most. On Rendcomb Ward side rooms, LINC funds all the extra things that help to improve care and make a stay in hospital slightly more comfortable.

Patients have access to a clinical psychologist that can provide some help in coming to terms with illness and the impact on patients and their families.
Financial help provides some support to those patients who are in difficulty as a result of their illness.

LINC have an area in Sandford Park in Cheltenham, called the Sanctuary Garden. Here, gardeners meet each month to enjoy, monitor and maintain the lovely outdoor space. Opening in March 2019, the garden is enjoyed by all the local passersby and on the last Friday of every month, gardeners meet to help look after the garden. This includes planting, pruning, raking and watering amongst other things.

Gardening Naturally donated trowels, rakes, gloves, forks, pots and shears to LINC, so that the gardeners on a Friday could continue their excellent work in the garden which is enjoyed by hundreds of people every day. These tools enable the gardeners to seamlessly tidy the garden without the disappointment in using tools that do not work or are hard to use. The pots also ensured that LINC could plant more beautiful flowers in the garden, which will be enjoyed by the gardeners and local residents over the coming months and years.

We also supplied them with our new alpaca fertilsier and green bird netting, these will ensure a healthy and vibrant crop can be grown without the fear of being destroyed by birds.

As well as supporting LINC, a charity that is geographically close to Gardening Naturally, we have also supported causes in the north of the country, such as the Trafford Veterans. Trafford Veterans was set up in 2015 to provide peer support and outreach in the Borough of Trafford, Greater Manchester. They run a number of activities and encourage people to share their hobbies and skills to form new projects and groups.

The society was set up because many men and women risk their lives on a daily basis serving in the Armed Forces and emergency services. However, some end up having difficulties when re-integrating back into civilian life when their service comes to an end. During their duties they may see and deal with several traumatic scenes.

The Trafford Veterans society have an allotment which is loved and enjoyed by people who visit every single day. Gardening Naturally donated veggiemesh and bird netting so that the crops in the allotment can be protected from common garden pests such as birds, butterflies, insects and many various species of aphids.

To view all the work that LINC and the Trafford Veterans do, please click on the links below:

LINC: https://www.lincfund.org

Trafford Veterans: https://www.traffordveterans.org

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