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Birdscare Humming Line 30m

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This birdscare humming line is a highly effective tested bird deterrent that can also deter rabbits and other pests. Simple and safe to use the line emits a penetrating humm and vibrations even in light breezes, which birds cannot stand. The movement and sound vary constantly meaning that the birds cannot get used to it. Although they do not like the sound this line causes no harm to animals.

Comes in a 30m (100ft) reel and will help keep birds off crops, fruit and vegetables.

Set out rounded stakes or canes 3-6m (10-20ft) apart.

Tie the humming line to the first stake, stretch it taut and take it 2 or 3 turns around the second stake, stretch it to the third stake and so on.

protect the line from sharp edges to prevent chaffing

Lines should be at varying heights above the crops and set at different angles across the wind.

Position the lines 6-12m (20-40ft) apart depending on crop and bird population.

30m (100ft) Long reel