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Bee Seed Bombs (20 Bombs per pack)

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Bee seed bombs contain a mixture of wildflower seeds specifically chosen to attract bees as well as creating a colourful display of different flowers. The seeds are encased in a peat-free growing medium and formed into the shape of a ball which protects the seeds from the elements and allows the seeds to be gradually dispersed across your chosen area of the garden as the balls naturally degrade.

Seed bombs can be placed or scattered in your chosen area of the garden making this product very easy to use for any level of gardener.

The ideal sowing time for these seeds is late March / early April.


Choose an area of the garden that gets some sunlight and remove any stones, weeds and debris from the soil and lightly rake over the soil.

Simply scatter the seed bombs around your chosen area, or you can place them one at a time for a more even distribution, then push them down gently to help contact with the soil.

Once scattered in your chosen area all you need to do is water them well and then keep the soil moist over the next few days.

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