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Pond Barley Straw Bag with Lavender (Pk 2)

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Barley straw is a 100% natural product which when added to your pond will produce clear water.

Try to introduce barley straw into your pond before algae occurs.Wet the bales before adding them to your pond, this starts the natural process to combat the algae. This process is enhanced by the inclusion of lavender which gives significantly better results

Replace every 8 weeks in the spring/summer/autumn period. 1 straw bale will treat ponds up to 2250 litres (500 gallons)

For persistent algae issues, add another bale.

Also contains lavender which gives significantly better results.

The image is to show the product - it actually sits just below the water


Remove as much blanket weed as possible before introducing the bag.:

Use one bag per 10m2 (100sq.ft.) of area.:

Hold the bag underwater for a few minutes to wet the contents thoroughly.:

If a pump is present, run continuously. Check the filter regularly.:

Add a further bag after 3 to 4 months, or earlier if the problem is severe.:

Each bag will treat a pond area of 10sq. metres (100 sq. feet).

Totally bio-degradable, contains barley straw and cotton

May also be used in watter butts - 1 per butt.


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