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Barley Straw Flakes for Ponds

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Barley straw for the pond is considered to be the most effective product available on today's market for garden pond clarification.

It is totally safe for: Fish, pondlife, aquatic plants, and even children. Contains only natural active ingredients.

Algae in the garden pond is an unsightly nuisance, choking plants and even killing fish. Barley straw flakes are the organic way of controlling most common algae. Use Barley Flakes all year round for a healthy, clean and clear pond environment.

Enzymes released from the wet barley flakes act on green water, blanket weed and duck weed. The superior surface of barley flakes ensure faster, more effective results

Instructions: Simply introduce the Barley Straw Flakes into your pond in the convenient flow-through pouch. Use 1 pouch for ponds up to 500 gallons, for larger ponds use multiple pouches. Each product contains 100% natural Barley Flakes for effective, safe, environmental and fully biodegradable treatment. Pouches will last for up to 4 months and should be replaced at least 3 times per year. For optimum results add in January, May and September. Ponds with heavy algae growth use 2 times the above amount.

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