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Anderline AA (Amblyseius andersoni) Tube of 25,000

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Predatory mite preys on eggs, larval and adult stages of a range of mite species including glasshouse spider mite, citrus mite, fruit tree spider mite, rust mite and thrips.

Able to survive on pollen, fungal spores and plant sap in absence of prey and hence can be applied preventatively. Survives high and low temperature but low humidity limits development.

The tube allowS for dispersal straight on to the crop allowing for instant dispersal and targeting of pest colonies.

As this species is a native predator and better suited to the colder conditions compared to Phytoseiulus it makes for a better control in non-heated environments early in the season. The minimum temperature for this species to be active is 6 degrees anything below this and the species will begin to enter diapause.

This is a really effective predator for targeting micro colonies of spider mites as the predators will emerge from diapause around the same time as the spider mites giving you that early control

Preventative / first introductions: 5 to 10 mites per m2.

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Keep containers horizontal and cool until use.
Do not expose to direct sunlight at any time.
Immediately before opening, gently rotate the container to distribute mites evenly throughout the carrier material.
Open each container in the crop when ready to use.
Shake small quantities of Anderline onto crop near flowers.

Preventative / first introductions: 5 to 10 mites per m2.


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