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Afterplant food with Rootgrow

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Empathy After Plant is an all purpose, organic plant food with added rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi.

It has been designed to gradually build soil fertility to support healthy growth of both establishing and maturing garden plants. It is formulated with natural plant extracts. The nutrients in Empathy After Plant have been scientifically selected and balanced to ensure that the natural symbiosis between the treated plant, rootgrow mycorrhizal and essential soil bacteria is encouraged.

Size: 1kg

It is safe and easy to use and can be applied anytime during the active growing season as a top dress or tonic to help establishing plants.


For trees, shrubs and fruiting plants use approx 100g of Empathy After Plant (one hand full) applied twice yearly. Sprinkle around the circumference of the plant, lightly fork in a water well.

For flowers and edible plants use 50g of Empathy After Plant applied, as above, twice during the growing season.

As a top dressing for your rose or ornamental beds apply Empathy After Plant at a rate of 100g per square metre, lightly fork to cover

Love your planet:

The organic matter in Empathy After Plant is produced from PAS100 certified recycled compost and offers a sustainable source of readily available nutrients for the treated plant.

Empathy After Plant contains BioChar which acts as a soil conditioner to increase soil fertility, moisture, nutrient retention and lock up plant carbon in the soil.

Empathy After Plant is peat free