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20 Litre Balance Backpack Sprayer

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The design of this 20-litre balance backpack sprayer will keep the body in balance while still providing exceptional spraying performance.

The sprayer design has undergone extensive research to ensure the resulting balance suits both male and female users.

The wide-based base shape minimises pressure on the back and the narrower top improves manoeuvrability making moving and turning in small spaces such as greenhouses and amongst rows of vegetables much easier.

There are no sharp edges to get caught on surrounding foliage.

The sprayer is comfortable but also is a high-quality piece of spraying equipment to maximise the effectiveness of the product being sprayed while minimising any adverse effects on user.

Tank Capacity: 20L

Power Source: Manual, lever-operated

Pump: Piston type

Maximum Pressure: 5 Bar / 72.5psi

Flow Rate: Adjustable, 600ml/min

Weight: 4.5kg

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