Strawberry Planter

Strawberry Planter - discontinued

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Strawberry Planter - discontinued

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Plant strawberries in Spring or Autumn, no garden necessary.
For Best Results
Buy good quality strawberry plants, planting several varieties can extend the cropping season. Grow in sunny sheltered spot outdoors.

Planting Instructions:
Use potting compost or well composted garden waste. Add compost to the planter up to the level of the first planting hole and firm gently so that it does not sink later. Plant the first strawberry so that the crown is clear of the compost and outside the planting hole. Pot-grown plants are best put in place from inside the planter. Add further compost up to the next hole, firm it and repeat the planting process.

Continue until all planting gholes are filled and add 1 or 2 plants to the top of the planter. Water well, keep the compost moist and add tomato or general fertiliser for an improved harvest.

Growing Hints
Use anti-bird netting to protect ripe fruit. Remove any runners that are produced as they weaken the plant. They can be pegged down in pots of compost to root before removal if more plants are required.

Strawberries crop lightly in the first year but much more heavily in years 2 and 3. It is usually recommended that new plants are used after 3 years. Cut off all foliage when fruiting has finished to ensure no carry-over of disease.

Strawberry plants are unaffected by cold winters but protect flowers from sharp spring frosts: indeed plants that have been frosted can produce heavier crops.


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