Soil Testing Kit

Soil Testing Kit

Ref: ST001

Soil testing is important for giving plants the right balance of nutrients.

PH - It is important to test the pH of your soil to ensure the acidity levels are correct for the plants you are growing. Each area that you intend to plant should be tested as the soil's pH may differ in various parts of your garden.

Nitrogen (N) - This is essential for the growth of vegetation especially grass and leafy plants. The correct amount allows for healthy growth, too much and the plant's structure will be damaged.

Phosphorus (P) - This nutrient is necessary for strong root growth and root vegetables. It helps in the formation of buds and healthy stems. A lack of phosphorous will stunt the growth of a plant.

Potassium/Potash (K) - This nutrient is important in the development of flowers and shrubs. The correct potassium levels ensure that flowers become more fragrant and have improved colour. In vegetables it ensures a better quality crop and also makes plants more resistant to disease.

Contains enough reagents for approximately 60 tests.

Included in the kit are:
4 Test Tubes
4 Measuring Spoons,
Reagents for pH, N, P & K
Complete Detailed instructions


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