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Both the adult ladybirds and larvae consume large numbers of aphids (greenfly and blackfly). An adult ladybird lays 20 to 50 eggs a day, building up a population for natural pest control.

Ensure you have an aphid problem before ordering so that they will survive and ensure that there are no ants present as they will reduce efficiency (ants protect aphids and fight with the ladybirds). Insect Barrier Glue or Glue bands may be used.

Adalia bipunctata is a native Brtish ladybird.and feeds on different aphid species.

Not available until 2017

All ladybirds are sent Royal Mail 1st Class Post

Orders for insects are placed with the supplier on a Friday morning at 8am for delivery the following week. Insects arrive with the customer on a Thursday or Friday. We do not hold stock - Adult Ladybirds - these are the most popular so we always order extra so these may come sooner

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An adult ladybird lays 20 to 50 eggs a day. The eggs are a yellowish, orange-like colour. The duration of the hatching normally takes 4 to 8 days depending on the climate. After the hatching, the larvae will seek aphids immediately.

Once in the fourth larval stage, the larva stops eating and pupates. During pupation, which takes approximately 8 days, the ladybird stops eating for a few days and stays inactive.

Finally, the adult beetles appear by tearing the pupal skin. During September and October they will look for a hibernation place. Ladybirds prefer outside walls, window frames or bark crevices.

Adalia bipunctata is a native ladybird which can be found all over Europe. It finds its way in a pretty extensive range of living areas and feeds on different aphid species.

The Ladybird is a regular visitor of vegetable gardens, fields and flowerbeds.
If ants are present it will reduce the efficiency of the ladybird larvae, use Insect Barrier Glue to stop ants crawling up plants and trees.

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