Bubble Wrap 1.5m wide per metre

Bubble Wrap

Ref: bubblewrap

Insulate your greenhouse with a layer of bubble wrap and give your plants a helping hand through winter. Your greenhouse will have fewer draughts and will also benefit from lower bills if you use a heater during the very cold months.

. Promotes early growth by allowing water to pass through, whilst warming the soil.
. Protects plants and seeds from frost, insect and bird damage throughout the year
. Environmentally friendly, easy to use, UV and chemical resistant.
. Used in grow tunnels and greenhouses.
. Premium grade, tri-laminate.
. Available in small and large bubble.


Bubble Wrap
1.5m (5ft) Wide per running metre 10mm bubble (1.46)
1.5m (5ft) Wide x 100m 10mm bubble (90.00)
1.5m (5ft) Wide per running metre 25mm bubble (2.52)
1.5m (5ft) Wide x 50m 25mm bubble (85.50)

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